Collection: Original Handmade Kilims with Unique Design

Explore our kilim collection. Uniquely handmade rugs with a medley of warmth, originality, and remarkable Turkish craftsmanship. Don't just decorate, tell a story.

Handwoven rugs are created by interlocking wrap and weft, creating a relatively thin rug without pile. Surely, you’ve ever wondered what a kilim is. Among the rugs that cause a tendency for its originality and its comfortable design while the kilims are warm. The word kilim has Turkish origin and means “that does not mix colors” and refers to the method used to make rugs by hand without knotted hair, therefore, lacks “hairs” and knots.

The kilims were born 3,500 years ago in Central Asia and are considered the oldest rugs in the world. Little by little, they spread to Eastern Europe and North Africa and subsequently to the whole world. The elaboration of these pieces is totally handmade, hand woven by the nomads or craftsmen in workshops.