Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

We have a classic that remains valid no matter how many times it is passed over. Mid-century interior designs began in post-war America in the 1950s and '60s. During this time, the design industry was trying to overcome its traditional barriers and enter the modern age. As a testament to the timeless quality of this style, there are many popular mid-century modern furniture pieces still used in our homes today. Check out versions of iconic furniture like the Eames lounge chair, egg chair, or wishbone chair.

Mid-century modern homes are airy and have a seamless flow. They always encouraged open-closed living. Therefore, sliding doors and picture windows are left bare to emphasize the connection with nature. Rich and luxurious woods such as teak, rosewood and walnut are frequently used. Additionally, highlights of mustard yellow, light green, or avocado are used for a pop of color. The mid-century revival we're seeing in today's design industry is making this popular interior design style more accessible than ever.

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Contemporary Modern Rugs

The modern carpets are designed by expert craftsmen and they show their imaginations in motifs on the carpet. You can see the amazing arts, earth colors like shades, stone, and sand which are inspired from nature. A lot of modern and geometric designs take us to the ancient age, show us the traditional values ​​and act. Also, they have an ideal contrast to your modern home decoration. These modern carpets are not only designed by expert craftsmen, but they also showcase their imaginations through intricate motifs. You'll be amazed by the artistry and the use of earthy colors like shades, stone, and sand, which draw inspiration from nature.