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Oriental Kilim Anatolian Handmade Wool On Wool 89 X 144 Cm - 3' X 4' 9'' ER01

Oriental Kilim Anatolian Handmade Wool On Wool 89 X 144 Cm - 3' X 4' 9'' ER01

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Experience the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia with our stunning handmade kilim. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Made from high-quality wool on wool, this kilim measures 89 x 144 cm (3' x 4' 9'') and is a perfect addition to any home.

The history of Anatolian kilims dates back to the migration of Turks from Central Asia to Anatolia, where they brought their weaving tradition with them. These kilims were originally used as covers and rugs, and were made from sheep fleece - the main economic source of the nomadic Turkish culture.

Our kilim is a true representation of the two main categories of Anatolian kilims. The first category, known as Yörük kilims, features geometric motifs and nature depictions. The second category, known as Ottoman kilims, showcases intricate floral motifs and medallion emblems.

Add a touch of elegance and history to your home with our Anatolian Kilim Handmade Wool On Wool. Shop now and bring a piece of Anatolia into your life.


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