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Oriental Kilim Cicim Handmade Wool On Wool 104 X 138 Cm - 3' 5'' X 4' 7'' Sand C007 ER01

Oriental Kilim Cicim Handmade Wool On Wool 104 X 138 Cm - 3' 5'' X 4' 7'' Sand C007 ER01

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Kilim Handmade Cicim Wool On Wool Authentic Unique Traditional 104 X 138 Cm - 3' 5' X 4' 7'

Cicim is a type of weaving created by placing colored pattern threads between the warp and weft threads and compressing them. It is often confused with kilims. However, unlike kilims, cicims give a different appearance on the face and back; These are weavings in which a third thread is used for decoration in addition to the weft and warp threads. Raised patterns appear on the surface of the fabric, as if they were made with a needle.

The weft and warp threads that form the base are generally the same color and thickness, while the threads that make up the pattern are of different colors and thickness. Although it is seen that sheep wool is mostly used in Cicim weavings, weavings using bristle thread are also seen, although rarely. The pattern is called two-hop or three-hop, depending on the way the thread is thrown.

This particular kilim is handmade and made of wool on wool, giving it a unique and authentic traditional look. It measures 104 x 138 cm (3' 5'' x 4' 7'') and has a total area of 1,4352 m2. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors make it a beautiful addition to any home decor. Add a touch of culture and history to your space with this Oriental Kilim Cicim Handmade Wool On Wool.


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