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Oriental Kilim Cicim Handmade Wool On Wool 90 X 80 Cm - 3' X 2' 8'' ER01

Oriental Kilim Cicim Handmade Wool On Wool 90 X 80 Cm - 3' X 2' 8'' ER01

  • Hand Woven
  • Unique
  • Natural Dye
  • Original Certified
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  • Washable
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Experience the beauty and tradition of authentic Oriental weaving with our Cicim Kilim Handmade Wool On Wool. This unique piece measures 90 x 80 cm (3' x 2' 8'') and is handcrafted with care and precision. Each thread is carefully placed between the original and weft threads, creating a stunning and intricate pattern that is sure to catch the eye.

Unlike traditional kilims, cicims have a distinct appearance on both the face and back of the fabric. This is due to the use of a third thread for decoration, giving the raised patterns a needle-like effect. The base threads are typically the same color and thickness, while the pattern threads vary in color and thickness, adding depth and dimension to the design.

Our Cicim Kilim is made with high-quality wool, giving it a soft and luxurious feel. The pattern, known as two-hop or three-hop, is created by the way the thread is thrown, resulting in a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you're looking to add a touch of culture to your home or searching for a statement piece for your e-commerce store, our Cicim Kilim is the perfect choice.

Don't miss out on this beautiful and authentic piece of Oriental weaving. Add our Cicim Kilim Handmade Wool On Wool to your collection today.



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