Collection: Anatolian Rugs - Woven Legacy of Central Asia

Explore our handpicked Anatolian Rugs, knotted pile carpets rooted in nomadic steppe culture. A stunning testament to the vibrant weaving tradition of Turks.


Anatolian carpets are knotted, pile woven (embossed surface) carpets and covers produced on hand looms, based on the weaving tradition that the Turks who migrated from Central Asia to Anatolia brought with them from their homeland. The reason why carpets first appeared in Central Asia is that the main economic source of the Turks, who have a nomadic steppe culture, is animal husbandry. The raw material of the carpet is generally sheep fleece.

The history of Anatolian carpet is generally divided into two parts. The first category is the early Yörük carpets decorated with geometric motifs and nature depictions; The second category is the classical period Ottoman carpets decorated with floral motifs and medallion emblems.