Modern Interior Design

There is simplicity in modern interior design that gives it endless appeal. Modern homes have clean lines and are free from clutter, but can still be comfortable and cozy. A modernist aesthetic is not limited to a particular style, as mid-century modern furniture is coveted in many homes with its distinct style narratives. Modern interior design embraces simplicity, featuring clean lines and a clutter-free environment. Despite its minimalistic aesthetic, modern homes still offer comfort and coziness. This style is not confined to a specific design, as mid-century modern furniture is highly sought after due to its unique style narratives.

“Form follows function” is one of the most important principles guiding modernist designs. The need to simplify forms arose from rapidly growing cities requiring alternatives to traditional construction. A seamless approach incorporated new materials such as reinforced concrete and steel for building structures. As a result, houses can have large windows, flat roofs, and be cubic or even cylindrical. The use of new materials meant that the height of the structures reached far beyond what was previously possible. Other movements such as Bauhaus, De Stijl and Futurism also form part of Modernism, adding depth to the style.  The merchant instructions recommend focusing on the principle of 'form follows function' in modernist designs. This principle arose from the need to simplify forms in rapidly growing cities, leading to the use of new materials like reinforced concrete and steel in building structures.

Modernist artists rejected the traditional idealistic view of realism and instead decided to create expressive works of art in vibrant colors and unconventional forms. Abstract art, cubism and Fauvism capture the essence of early modernist perspective; a reaction to outdated traditions and the growth of an industrialized society.

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Contemporary Modern Rugs

The modern carpets are designed by expert craftsmen and they show their imaginations in motifs on the carpet. You can see the amazing arts, earth colors like shades, stone, and sand which are inspired from nature. A lot of modern and geometric designs take us to the ancient age, show us the traditional values ​​and act. Also, they have an ideal contrast to your modern home decoration. These modern carpets are not only designed by expert craftsmen, but they also showcase their imaginations through intricate motifs. You'll be amazed by the artistry and the use of earthy colors like shades, stone, and sand, which draw inspiration from nature.